Nuevo León

The Congreso Parques is waiting for you in one of the most important convention and exhibition centers in Mexico: CINTERMEX. This important business center located within Parque Fundidora, the largest and most important urban metropolitan park in Monterrey. The Parque Fundidora is a spectacular public space in which culture, sports, entertainment and business converge. With its more than 120 acres it connects through Paseo Santa Lucía with the Macro Plaza.

Monterrey: Success Scenario

Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo León, is a city with 420 years of history. It is a business and industrial center with a great economic impact in Mexico. It possesses great landscapes such as Cerro de la Silla, green areas and historical monuments worth visiting; among them is the Cerro de las Mitras, the Cola de Caballo, the Caves de García and the Sierra Madre.

Monterrey is also home to one of the largest student communities in Mexico, which is why it is the birthplace of entrepreneurs who have helped transform the economy of Nuevo Leon and Mexico.

Get to know the incredible public spaces of Monterrey and don’t stop surprising yourself with its gastronomy, traditions and attractions. The city of the mountains is waiting for you!

Did you know?

  • Monterrey has the second most important economy in Latin America.
  • It is the number 9 in the world ranking of international tourism (OMT).
  • It has more than 3,500 established foreign companies.
  • It has 52 museums.

Monterrey Tourism

Paseo Santa Lucia

Tour in boats through a canal considered a Wonder of Mexico.

Parque Fundidora:

Beautiful green areas with ultural and recreational center.

Ecotourism and adventure:

Incredible natural places to live emotions to the fullest.

Amusement parks:

Sesame Street Park, Bioparque Estrella and Bosque Mágico among the most visited.


More than 1,700 quality restaurants with renowned chefs specialized in regional, national and international cuisine.

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